November 13, 2008

vindication and guilt

A former colleague of mine just got dissed in the UM Reporter. I'm not giving out any details beyond that. But I felt strangely vindicated. You see, while I appreciated this person's ministry, there were parts of it that were very troublesome to me. It seemed like they were stretching the boundaries a little farther than they were meant to go. And while I was often frustrated by that boundary stretching (and this is coming from the queen of boundary stretching!), I was a mere lowly intern at the time and had no real venue to share my frustrations - aside from petty gossip among other interns and colleagues.

So, while part of me is glad that finally someone else noticed and is making others aware of what was going on, and also doesn't approve, the other part of me is feeling kind of guilty. Guilty for not really stepping up and saying something myself sooner. Guilty for feeling pleasure over the article now when I'm not so much affected by the situation.

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