November 14, 2008

consumption, part 2

I found this article in my NYTimes email this morning...

Op-Ed Contributor
Let's Have Another Cup of Coffee
Published: November 14, 2008
American consumers, who have been steadily losing interest in buying things, would ideally now go on one last spending spree — and then start saving like mad.

As I'm thinking about Christmas, I too have been having this dilemma. Do I go ahead and buy the wonderful gifts I have been thinking about for everyone all year long (yeah, it would have been easier if I had just bought them as I thought of them), or do we all just simplify this Christmas and spend some quality time with one another with an "everyone bring one gift" exchange.

It's strange to finally have a real paying job and to sort of have money (but not really, because there are still student loans to pay off) and yet not want to spend any of it.

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