October 15, 2008

politics in the pulpit - and sharing a fantastic story

I'm still amazed of this whole story, and now it is a video. Head over to Jay Voorhees site for this great story for all of us: Red and Blue or watch it below

I'm using it as my children's sermon this Sunday. And I'm using pieces of Noonan's Patriotic Grace. And I'm really excited about the opportunity to talk about politics in the pulpit, but to do so in a way that says Caesar's ways are brutal and nasty and we have the opportunity as Christians to demonstrate to the rest of our country and the rest of the world how we can love. That yes, we should vote, because that is part of our responsibility as citizens - that is what we render to Caesar - but we should never render our souls, we should never render our selves, we should never render our love and our beliefs to the political fight of the world around us.

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