August 25, 2008

glued to the tv

so, for the last two weeks I've spent time watching the olympics and now I'm glued to the television watching the democratic national convention. This isn't a pulpit, so i'm going to take the liberty to share some of my political views =)

i was amazed tonight to see Senator Harkin and former Representative Leech from Iowa standing up there together. I grew up in a family that was full of Republicans, it was all I really knew. And they always talked about Leech - how he was the good guy and Harkin was the bad guy (that's oversimplifying, but when your 12 that's how you understand it).

Since then, I changed my own views as I grew up and started to think for myself. I came home and didn't feel like I could really express myself, at least around my family. I've been a big fan of Obama since I first began to hear him speak years ago. And I was very excited by his decision to run for president, mostly because of the values that he is talking about as he talks about change: hope - the belief that dreams can come true, that change can really happen; unity - that we have to work together and listen to one another in order to make things happen; and a grassroots sensibility - that it takes all of us, each and every single one of us to be the kind of country that we dream of.

I was so excited to see those two congressmen stand up there and say that this is not a red or blue issue, but a red, white and blue issue - what is best for our country. It has been great to hear all sorts of ordinary people speaking tonight about how they found the ability to dream again, they found hope again, and as a Christian, I don't believe that hope is a trite thing.

btw... Michelle Obama's speech was amazing.

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  1. Amen, KT! and watching Obama speak makes me really excited... like could this actually be possible?