August 8, 2008

Friday Five - Dog Day Afternoons

1. What is your sweetest summer memory from childhood? Did it involve watermelon or hand cranked ice cream? Or perhaps a teen summer romance. Which stands out for you?
Hmm, I think the closest thing I came to a sweet teen summer romance was on a camping trip my family took around the Wisconsin dells when I was in probably 8th grade. I can't remember his name, but I do remember how much fun we had in the water park at the campground!!

2. Describe your all time favorite piece of summer clothing. The one thing you could put on in the summer that would seem to insure a cooler, more excellent day.

I guess probably just lazing around in a bikini and one of my sarongs from hawaii would have to be on the top of that list. I also have a great new pair of mesh shorts with the heat wicking technology that I love to wear when I disc golf - that and a white tank top totally keeps me cool. But NOT a ribbed tank. I didn't realize how much that extra ribbing traps in heat until I almost died of heat stroke the other day (okay, I just felt like I was going to die)

3. What summer food fills your mouth with delight and whose flavor stays happily with you long after eaten?

Sweet corn. I LOVE sweet corn. And it stays with you because it gets stuck in your teeth!!!! I also love a great glass of sangria. I have a friend who made white sangria and it was to die for.

4. Tell us about the summer vacation or holiday that holds your dearest memory.

I would have to say the first time we went up to raft on the Menominee and Peshtigo Rivers in Wisconsin. This last time was fun, too, but I love playing cards and being outside and it seemed like that was all we did that first trip. That and drinking wine.

5. Have you had any experience(s) this summer that has drawn you closer to God or perhaps shown you His wonder in a new way?

I think getting myself back into my devotional life has been really good - and I did it on vacation while i could sit outside and enjoy the beauty of God's creation.

Bonus question: When it is really hot, humid and uncomfortable, what do you do to refresh and renew body and spirit?

When i was a kid, the sprinkler would be running. Now as an adult, I just head for the nearest air conditioning... how boring is that?


  1. Though I would probably need some kind of permit to wear a bikini again, I do still run through sprinkers with my 9 year old.

    Great play!

  2. Hi, I was reading your post from Revgalblogpals and looked at your wedding photos (because I love weddings!).

    Did you get married in a Lutheran church in West Des Moines? Your photos looked like where some friends of ours got married...


  3. Thanks for using the photo :)