December 17, 2007

move-in day

Today was move in day. We actually spent the night on an air mattress last night, all alone in our big huge empty house. While the movers came about noon, we had church members at the house about 8am – shoveling the sidewalk from the recent ice storm and bringing over tons of food. We’ll have sloppy joes for a week (err...make that two!)
My dad came over also and helped unload the truck when it arrived – he just can’t sit still while people work! Everything arrived safe and sound, with the exception of Brandon’s desk which broke – for the third time in as many moves. He managed to glue it back together with epoxy however.
Another fantastic gift the church left us was a collection of gift certificates to local businesses. We headed over to the Pamida (which we learned, unfortunately, is owned by Wal-Mart… the evil empire strikes again!) and the Big “G” food store… as well as the local farm and home store. Most important purchase of the day: a snow shovel.
Also – note the deer dumpster! eek... yes, we are back in Iowa.

*edit* While we were informed about the Pamida/Wal-Mart connection, I can find no corroborating evidence... except that in 2006, Pamida hired a former Wal-Mart exec to be their CEO

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